Pumpkin Patch

I haven't even watched much of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but I couldn't resist making my own pony, especially when a friend of mine came up with an idea for her.
Pumpkin Patch Nicknames / Aliases: Patch

Species: pony

Age: unknown

Place of Birth: unknown

Residence: Ponyville

Height: 12.5hh (4'2")


Measurements: n/a

Clothing Sizes / Styles: black choker with pendant hanging off it that matches her cutie mark (pumpkin with green vine), two black studs and a black cuff in left ear, black industrial piercing in right ear

Fur Color: orange (#FC7611)

Mane & Tail Color: black

Cutie Mark: pumpkin (#FF8D12) with a green vine (#699B06) curling off of it

Eye Color: green (#699B06)

Handedness: right

General Appearance: a bit messy due to working in fields most of the time; mane & tail are always a mess, unshorn fetlocks, hooves are black in contrast to her orange fur

Key Family / Relatives:

Relationship with Family:

Key Friends:

Relationship with Friends:

Key Enemies:

Educational History:

Work History:


Phobias / Fears:

Bad Habits / Vices:


Key Childhood Experiences:

Key Teenage Experiences:

Sexual Background:


Personal Goals:

Morality / Ethics:

Style of Speech:

Lies / Misinformation:

Other Important Details:



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