Natalie "Rave Girl" Henaghan

Known around her school as "Rave Girl" due to her intense love of all things rave, Natalie discovered the rave culture early in her teens and never looked back. She's otherwise a pretty normal American teen--no superpowers, lives with her parents, is finishing her last year of high school with decent grades.
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Nicknames / Aliases: "Rave Girl"

Species: human

Race: Caucasian

Age: 18

Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA

Residence: San Francisco, CA

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 139lbs

Measurements: slim but not skeletal

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Anything bright. For raving, it's usually a bikini, fluffies (leg warmers) and kandi (chunky, brightly colored, usually plastic, jewelry, often with small toys danging from it), as much as she can pile on. She does try to keep a color scheme though (neon, rainbow, neon rainbow. you get the idea). For regular day-to-day, it's usually jeans or shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, and still quite a lot of (matching) kandi. She looooves her kandi. Natalie with purple hair

Hair Color / Style: natural hair color is short and blonde, however her hair is always dyed one brilliant color or another. She also wears wigs, of all colors and styles. Very rarely is anything longer than chin-length, though.

Eye Color: blue, but she wears colored contacts most of the time, usually pink.

Handedness: right

Educational History: Normal American public schooling.



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