Mora The Hedgehog

Mora The Hedgehog Species: hedgehog

Age: 34

Place of Birth: Mobotropolis, Planet Mobius

Residence: Robotropolis, Planet Mobius

Height: 2'9"

Weight: 41lbs

Measurements: large breasts, curvy

Clothing Sizes / Styles: white button-up long-sleeve blouse, white ankle-length skirt, white pumps (not high heels)

Fur Color / Markings: lavender fur and quills that hang loose (rather than slicked together like, for instance, Sonic or Eli).

Eye Color: blue

Handedness: Left

General Appearance: Mora kept a tidy appearance.

Key Family / Relatives: Relationship with Family: Mora was very close to her daughter, spending a great deal of time with her and teaching her about what life was like before Robotnik came to power. She married her high school sweetheart, Eli, with no idea what he was becoming. By the time their daughter was born, their relationship was growing cold, with Eli becoming controlling and abusive. When he chose to work for Robotnik when the human rose to power, she finally saw what he truly was. Nevertheless, she still loved him, and couldn't bring herself to leave him (though she did eventually, unsuccessfully, attempt to escape for her daughter's sake).

Relationship with Friends: Mora lost all of her friends to death and roboticization when Robotnik took over.

Key Enemies: Educational History: Mora had a standard education growing up, completing high school, but never entered college as she chose to start a family instead.

Phobias / Fears: Mora's greatest fear was her daughter being roboticized.

Key Teenage Experiences: In high school, Mora met and fell in love with Eli The Hedgehog, eventually marrying him as soon as she could.

Mora The Hedgehog Key Adult Experiences: At 18, Mora married Eli, and soon had his daughter, Rane. When Rane was five years old, Robotnik took over Mobius, enslaving its populace with rare exception. Eli, wanting to save his skin, made a deal with Robotnik to work for him in return for his and his family's lives. Mora found herself and Rane prisoners within the limits of the now-named Robotropolis. Still in love with her husband despite it all, she stayed, but as the years passed and Rane grew up in the city, her growth stunted by the pollution, she realized she had to get away for her child's sake. When Rane was twelve, Mora attempted to escape with her, but was caught and summarily roboticized. She now works as a drone in the factories of Robotropolis.

Sexual Background: Having married her high school sweetheart, Eli, Mora has only ever been with him.

Favorites: Mora loved gardening and nature, and was emotionally gutted when Robotnik destroyed so much of Mobius' natural beauty.

Personal Goals: Mora was always against Robotnik's terror, wanting more than anything to find a way to return those robotocized to their flesh-and-blood selves and take Robotnik down.

Morality / Ethics: Mora believed that all of Mobius should be free. She instilled these values deeply into her daughter from the day she was born.

Style of Speech: More spoke clearly, with little to no slang.


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