Leila Guendolen Abbott

A sweet redhead with a love for rainbows and striped socks, Leila is murdered as a teenager and becomes, by cosmic lottery, a Reaper, something that is in stark conflict with her loving personality. Another role-play character in development.
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Nicknames / Aliases:

Species: human

Race: Caucasian

Age Upon Death: 16

Place of Birth: Providence, RI

Residence Upon Death: Exeter, RI

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 102lbs

Measurements: petite, small breasts, small feet, etc.

Clothing Sizes / Styles (While Alive): Leila loves rainbows, stripes, and colorful things. She also loves characters associated with rainbows, so Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) and similar characters are frequently featured in her clothes. She often wears over-sized (dress-like) shirts, skirts or dresses with matching striped stockings.

Clothing Sizes / Styles (While Dead): While colors are out of the question as a Reaper, Leila has learned to change her appearance to replicate her former styles, albeit in grayscale. Her favorite stockings are black and white stripe.

Hair Color / Style (Alive): short, orangey-red, very curly.

Hair Color / Style (Dead): identical to her hair when alive, but gray.

Eye Color (Alive): green

Eye Color (Dead): gray

Handedness: left

Primary Weapon: Reaper Scythe

Educational History: Normal American public schooling.



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