Kianna Thorndyke / Ki The Echidna

Kianna Thorndyke Nicknames / Aliases: Ki

Species: Born human, turned Echidna

Age: 15

Place of Birth:

Residence: Thorndyke Manor, Station Square

Height (as human):

Weight (as human):

Measurements (as human): Ki is short, in good shape, otherwise fairly average. Breasts are small, hips are only a little defined; she's looks a bit younger than she is.

Clothing Styles (as human): (often worn-in) blue jeans, long-sleeve button-up "cowboy" type shirts, black cowboy boots, black felt cowboy hat, black belt with silver buckle bearing her initials (KT)

Hair Color / Markings (as human): brown hair (kept in two braided pigtails) and freckles

Height (as echidna):

Weight (as echidna):

Measurements (as echidna): It's important to note that as an echidna, Ki does not have breasts.

Clothing Styles (as echidna): White gloves with Knuckles-type spikes but separate fingers (average-size hands), white socks, red and white Converse-style hi-top sneakers

Fur Color / Markings (as echidna):

Eye Color: brown

Handedness: right

General Appearance:

Relationship with Family: Ki's mother died when she was an infant. She was very close to her father before his death. Ki has a bad relationship with her mother's family and does not keep in contact with them. She is very close to her paternal grandfather, Chuck and her cousin, Chris. And while she loves her aunt and uncle (her father's brother and his wife), she is a bit distant with them due to their very busy lives.

Key Family / Relatives: Relationship with Friends:

Key Friends: Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao

Key Enemies:

Educational History:

Work History:


Phobias / Fears:

Bad Habits / Vices:


Key Childhood Experiences:

Key Teenage Experiences:

Sexual Background:


Personal Goals:

Morality / Ethics:

Style of Speech:

Lies / Misinformation:

Other Important Details:


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