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My namesake and primary online avatar, Kameko exists in an alternate universe based on the original two live-action Ninja Turtles movies but set in today. As one of the first characters I ever created, way back in high school (though the idea for a yellow-masked sister to the TMNT had been in my head since childhood), she's a bit of a mary-sue, but I adore her anyway.
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Name: Kameko Hamato

Pronunciation: KAH-meh-koh hah-MAH-toh

Nicknames / Aliases: Meko, Turtle Girl

Species: human, mutant

Race: Asian of uncertain origin, probably Japanese

Age: 15

Place of Birth: Unknown, probably New York

Residence: The sewers of Manhattan, New York, United States

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 137

Measurements: Kameko is strong, more-so even than a normal athlete because she's a mutant, and is in tremendous physical shape. Her muscles are plain to see when not covered by clothing. Plain and simply, she is ripped. However she is not an over-the-top body-builder body type. She's rather flat-chested, to the point of being the butt of jokes.

Clothing Sizes / Styles (Casual): Due to growing up dirt poor, Kameko's wardrobe mostly consists of scavenged items and occasional thrift store items. She often modifies or makes her own clothes from existing stuff. Her clothes often don't fit properly, either too big or too small (more often too big), though if they're much too tight or loose she'll modify them to fit better. Broken in, often torn blue jeans. Vintage or oddball t-shirts (such as discarded t-shirts made for community organizations and events). Frayed, stained sneakers (her black Converse hi-tops are worn smooth on the bottom but are still her favorites). She always wears a headband high on her forehead to hold her hair back, usually yellow or green; sometimes her mask folded in such a way as to hide the eye-holes (leaving the ends trailing as they would normally as her mask). In inclement weather she wears a tan trenchcoat and occasionally a worn brown fedora that is slightly too big for her.

Clothing Sizes / Styles (Ninja): Green doji (martial arts pants and long-sleeve top). Green tabi (socks with a separate compartment for the big toe, with rubberized bottom for better grip) that go over her pants up to her knees. Brown leather belt with holders for her nunchukus. Brown elbow and kneepads. Yellow mask consisting of a yellow band with eye-holes tied around her head, the ends left trailing behind her.

Hair Color / Style: Black, cut short and left messy

Eye Color: Brown

Handedness: Right

Primary Weapon: Nunchakus

General Appearance: During casual times, Kameko often has a rumpled and wrinkled, just rolled out of bed look to her.

Key Family / Relatives: Relationship with Family: Kameko is very close with and fiercely loyal to her family, willing to give anything, including her life, for any of them. It is a sentiment shared by the entire family for all members as well as dear friends. Kameko is very close to her father, Splinter, and wants to make him proud of her, however she also, as with most teenagers, has difficulty with authority and general and finds herself in trouble a lot. While she is very protective of her family as a whole, her brothers are sometimes over-protective of her. She is closest with her brother Raphael and has been since they were small children as they share many interests, and she is perhaps the most understanding of his tempers of the siblings. She also is often the only person Raphael will tolerate during a bad mood. Second closest is her brother Leonardo; although she also fights with him the most. She's next closest with Michaelangelo (they bond over cartoons and high-sugar cereal), and most distant with her brother Donatello, mostly because his science talk tends to baffle her.

Key Friends: Relationship with Friends: Kameko is close with April, seeing her as something of a sister. Casey is a bit like a brother; she teases him but he teases right back and neither much takes it seriously. Danny Pennington is a trusted friend, though now that he's officially left a life of crime to focus on school, they doesn't hear much from him. Keno is a good friend, and she has a bit of an on-again off-again flirtation with him; they don't date and likely never will, however. Professor Perry was a short-lived but trusted friend; after disposing of the final canister of ooze, he vanished, and no one has seen him since. She respects Usagi and, while they see him only rarely, she does have a pretty bad crush on the other-dimensional ronin though she tries desperately to hide it.

Key Enemies: Educational History: Kameko has a reasonably balanced education, with basic math, science, history, et cetera. However, being home-schooled by Splinter, as the siblings were,

Work History: As Kameko is a) under legal working age and b) does not officially exist as far as the government is concerned, Kameko does not and never has worked.

Skills: ninjitsu (including a specialty with nunchakus), sewing (patching and making clothes in particular, learned from necessity), basic cooking

Phobias / Fears: Kameko doesn't like dolls, especially animatronics, and especially if they're old and beginning to wear out or decay. They just wig her out.

Bad Habits / Vices: Growing up with brothers has led Kameko to some very unladylike behavior. She eats pork rinds by the handful, burps loudly and scratches where it itches. She cracks crude jokes and can swear to put a sailor to shame (when Splinter isn't within earshot!). She's especially bad when with Raphael, as the two egg each other on.

Quirks: Kameko has a problem with toasters. A big problem with toasters. No matter how careful she is, every time she uses one something goes wrong. She has an ongoing feud with them.

Key Childhood Experiences:
At approximately three months old, Kameko was abandoned in a Manhattan storm drain. Miraculously, she survived the fall with little more than a few scrapes and bruises. This is further incredible given the fact that the damp concrete she landed on was littered with shards of glass from a shattered glass jar, and a broken glass canister.

Frightened, cold, and hungry, the child's crying was only calmed by the fascinating sight of a very friendly brown rat and four tiny turtles which were wandering around beside her. Attempting to get a hold of them, as infants will do, she came in contact with the green glowing ooze the turtles were crawling in.

After collecting the turtles into a coffee can, the rat stayed near the baby, watching over her, and the turtles, throughout the night. By morning, the turtles had doubled in size. The human child had not, however, appeared to change.

The rat, whose name she would later learn was 'Splinter,' cared for her and the rapidly growing turtles, providing them food, and soon, shelter as well. Within days, the turtles were the same size as the human girl, and they had begun to take on strikingly human characteristics. Barely seven months later, all five infants were walking on two legs. They had started talking as well, struggling to imitate the sounds of their 'father's' and 'siblings'' names. Of course, these names – Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Kameko, and Raphael – were rather difficult for such young children to pronounce. It wasn't long before they began shortening the names – Leo, Donny, Mikey, Meko, and Raph.

While Splinter named his 'sons' after artists of the Renaissance, thanks to an old art book he had found, he gave his only daughter a special name. Kameko, Japanese for 'Turtle Child,' seemed very fitting given the nature of her 'brothers.'

Eventually, Splinter began to train them in the art of ninjitsu, teaching them everything he had learned from his master, Hamato Yoshi.

Key Teenage Experiences: At the age of 15, Kameko and her brothers found themselves pitted against the fearsome Shredder, also known as Oroku Saki, an old enemy of their father's and grandfather's, and his army of ninjas and juvenile delinquents, The Foot Clan. His minions kidnapped their father, destroyed their home, nearly killed Raphael and sent them into hiding. After recuperating, they returned to face their enemy and rescue their father. After a drawn-out fight largely on their own turf (the sewers), they faced off with Shredder. In the end, the siblings were wounded and nearly defeated, until their recently freed sensei, Splinter, turned up and soundly defeated Shredder. All believed he was dead, and...

For a time, the Hamato family lived with April O'Neil, hiding in plain sight in her apartment. To the shock of all, Shredder turned up alive and more dangerous than ever as he'd gotten his hands on a canister of the very toxic ooze that had mutated the Hamato family fifteen years earlier. With a little help from new friends Keno and Professor Jordan Perry, they managed to defeat Shredder and his new mutant monsters, Tokka and Rahzar, returning the two mutants to normal animals and killing the now-mutated "Super" Shredder once and for all. With their greatest enemy defeated, the family settled into their new home, an abandoned subway station, where they still live.

Sexual Background: Kameko is a virgin. She flirts, awkwardly, with Keno, and has a crush on Usagi, but has never been in a relationship.

Favorites: Kameko has a wide range of interests, from cartoons and 80s & 90s pop culture to motorcycles and music. She enjoys sewing and has been adjusting and making clothes, among other things, since she was old enough to handle a needle. Her favorite book is A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. Her favorite food is spaghetti. In music, her favorites are rock, rap and metal.

Personal Goals: Kameko pretty much lives in the here and now, not giving the future a lot of thought. Most important to her is reaching her potential in her fighting and athletic skills. Oh and getting her own motorcycle. She really wants a motorcycle.

Morality / Ethics: Instilled in her by Splinter, the ideas of loyalty, courage and honor are intensely important to Kameko (and her brothers). Honesty is a bit more tricky; as ninjas and as mutants in hiding, lying is simply a part of daily life. On the other hand, honesty between members of the family is considered important and lying is seen as a severe betrayal. It is, however, easier to lie to her brothers than to her sensei. Like all her brothers, Kameko feels a calling to use her abilities to protect innocents against evil in all its forms.

Style of Speech: Kameko uses a lot of slang and an ever-so-slight Brooklyn-like accent (probably as a result of spending so much time with Raphael, who seems to have gone out of his way to cultivate the accent himself). The word "ain't" is a standard as well as double-negatives. She also has a thing for quoting, everything from cartoons to sitcoms to music and comedians.

Lies / Misinformation: There are rumors of "monsters" living in the sewers, of dangerous "ninjas" living beneath the streets, and so on. Of course, they are ninjas, but unlike traditional ninjas the siblings do not work for the highest bidder or kill anyone to achieve their goals, instead doing their best to protect innocent people from evil. And while they are mutants, they are not monsters and are just as intelligent as (arguably rather moreso than) most humans.

Other Important Details: The green color of her clothes was chosen by her as a child because she wanted to "match" her brothers; she now wears it as a sign of solidarity with them.


Themes: "Savin' the Day" by the Alessi Brothers, "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" by Partners in Kryme

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