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My primary Sonic the Hedgehog character and another namesake of mine, Ink is my beloved echidna with a split personality: one a harmless, innocent and naive kid; the other a psychotic murderer who takes great joy in killing anyone in sight.
Ink The Echidna Ask Blog:

Nicknames / Aliases: Ink, Ultimate Lifeform (formerly), Project Black

Species: Artificially Engineered Transgenic Short-Beaked Echidna, with Black Arms (alien) DNA

Ability Type: Power

Birth Date: Unknown (CLASSIFIED)

Age: Physically approximately 15. Chronologically unknown. Ink is ageless and immortal, much as Shadow is.

Place of Birth: G.U.N. Laboratories. It is important to note that Ink was not "born" as such, but created.

Residence: Officially unknown; Ink lives with Sonic and Tails, in hiding.

Height: 102 cm / 3'4"

Weight: 28.6 kg / 63 lbs.

Measurements: Being an echidna, and thus a monotreme, it is important to note that despite being past puberty, Ink does not have breasts.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Purple hip-length vest, no pockets, no buttons (open). No shirt. Military-like khaki pants with cargo pockets. Purple sneakers with gray soles. Purple socks. White gloves, with Knuckles-like spikes, but separate fingers (hands are normal-sized as compared to Knuckles'), and "loose" cuffs similar to Sonic's.

Fur Color / Markings: Black fur covering most of body; exceptions are tan muzzle and white-tipped tail. White-tipped quills are worn in dreadlocks, but hang only an inch or two past her chin.

Eye Color: Purple.

Super Form Fur Color / Markings: White fur covering most of body; only exception is tan muzzle. Quills are solid white, lifting to point upwards (not straight up, but in a curve, as if being lifted by strings attached to the very tip of each dreadlock). Surrounded by black, greasy aura.

Super Form Eye Color: Solid white, no visible pupil.

Handedness: Ambidextrous.

General Appearance: Ink maintains a tidy appearance, with both herself and her clothing clean and neat. However when in "killer" mode, her appearance is ferocious and crazed, fur standing on end, quill dreadlocks messy, and towards the end of a frenzy, typically covered, if not completely soaked, in blood.

Relationship with Family: None (see following).

Key Family / Relatives: Ink has only partial memory of her origins and thus the following is not known to her and is CLASSIFIED. Relationship with Friends: Since her defeat at his hands at their first meeting, Ink sticks close to Sonic, relying on him both for guidance in navigating the "real" world and keeping her murderous "temper tantrums" under control as he is one of few people capable of defeating her in a fight.

Key Friends: Sonic the Hedgehog (closest friend/guardian), Miles "Tails" Prower (good friend), Amy Rose (although Amy is rather wary of Ink's close relationship with Sonic)

Key Enemies: G.U.N., Eggman

Educational History: Intense education and training by G.U.N., including great skill with technology and vehicles of all kinds, a wide array of weapons and fighting styles, and even fluency in many languages (English being her native language). She often surprises those around her as well as herself by realizing she knows something, given how little she remembers of her so-called childhood.

Work History: Trained as a weapon by G.U.N.; project was terminated before realization when severe flaws in Ink's mental stability were discovered. The current status of Project Black is "Recover and Destroy."

Skills: Super-Strength, Super Durability, Spin Dash, Spin Attack, Spin Jump, Digging, Wall Climbing*, Gliding*, Grinding, Swimming. Despite her smaller size Ink comes very close to rivaling Knuckles in sheer brawn. Theoretically Ink has the power to sense the Chaos Emeralds, as well as use their power, giving her access to Chaos Control and most of the powers Shadow has, including the ability to go Super. However she does not know this and would almost undoubtedly go into "killer" mode upon feeling so much power, enhancing her murderous rampaging a hundredfold, thus it is best for all that she does not currently have access to these powers. (*This skill is only used by her when in "killer" mode; in "normal" mode she is too afraid of heights to use it.)

Phobias / Fears: Ink is tremendously, paralyzingly and sometimes comically afraid of heights. She also fears harming people and thus herself and her terrible capability for mass destruction and death.

Bad Habits / Vices: Ink has a tendency to go into a killer rage when threatened or angered. Referred to as "temper tantrums" by her friends, Ink seems to slip into a separate personality during these rages, attacking friend and foe alike with a terrible homicidal glee. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ink has had her first tastes of sodas, chili dogs, and other unhealthy foods since coming to live with Sonic and Tails, becoming a bit of a junk food junky.

Quirks: The impact of Ink's frequently brutal training and typically clinical, detached treatment from the humans who "raised" her are plain in her behavior. Ink is awkward in social situations, rarely knowing how to react to cues from other non-humans. She has a severe ego imbalance; on the one hand declaring herself an "Ultimate Lifeform" due to what was ingrained into her head growing up, but on the other hand carries heavily the fact that she is responsible for so many deaths, having even gone into a catatonic state of shock after the memories of killing her creators and handlers came back to her in full at once. Ink is endlessly curious, absorbs information like a sponge and often has dozens of questions to ask on any given subject, frequently to the great annoyance of those around her.

Key Childhood Experiences: Ink has effectively blocked out much of the memory of her life before her escape from the laboratories in which she was created, however she is aware that her life always revolved around very intense studying and training with little emotion being tolerated by those that "raised" her.

Key Teenage Experiences: Ink's clearest memory of the G.U.N. Laboratories is of her escape from them. As her mind finally breaks completely, Ink goes into full "killer" mode, slaughtering everyone and anyone in sight indiscriminately and with great enthusiasm. Afterward, she cleans herself up, dons clean clothes, and leaves the destroyed laboratories. A few days later she turns up in Station Square with no memory of the massacre and no memory of where she has come from. Memory of who she is trickles back over the coming days as she wanders. At one point her horrible "killer" temper is triggered, and had it not been for the interference of Sonic the Hedgehog, she likely would have killed many. However, she is soundly defeated and, as she returns to normal and apologizes for her actions, a thoroughly confused Sonic finds himself for reasons even he doesn't know protecting the girl from law enforcement and taking her under his proverbial wing. As her memories slowly return and Sonic learns more about her, he begins to see her as a sort of little sister and does his best to guard her not just from those who seek to use or destroy her (Eggman, G.U.N.), but to protect her from herself as well. Ink grows to depend on him and trusts him to keep her rampages in check.

Sexual Background: Ink is distinctly naive about sex and even if she felt attraction to someone, would not really recognize what the feeling was. Thus she has little to no sexual interest as such.

Favorites: Ink enjoys television and watches a great deal of it, her focus being educational programming (similar to Discovery or The Learning Channel, etc). She has also developed a preference for chili dogs, no doubt gained from spending so much time with Sonic. In relation to her favorite food, Ink has found she enjoys cooking and has a talent for it, and frequently makes the meals for herself, Sonic and Tails.

Personal Goals: Uncovering the full truth of her creation, and gaining control over her "killer" side.

Morality / Ethics: Ink is fairly passive, not wanting people to get hurt. She would like to protect people as her friends do, but refrains for fear of triggering her vicious killer temper. When she is in "killer" mode, no one is safe; Ink attacks enemies and friends alike and takes a great sick pleasure and creativity in killing, occasionally taunting her prey even as they suffer and die in her hands.

Style of Speech: No regional accent. Initially Ink speaks clearly and properly, but increasingly attempts to use slang picked up from those around her, and from television. However she's not very good at it and it comes out awkward and often in simply the wrong way.

Lies / Misinformation: It is believed by G.U.N. that Ink is a mindless killing machine with no redeeming value whatsoever and no ability to be rehabilitated. However her time living with Sonic and Tails has proved she is intelligent, has a sentience and personality all her own, is fully capable of learning, deeply regrets her inability to control her rages, and is slowly developing ways to avoid or control those rages.

Other Important Details: Ink's favorite method of killing during her "temper tantrums" is to tear off a person's head and then rip out the spine, so that the skull and spine are still attached.


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