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I still haven't managed to get caught up with the chaos that is Homestuck by Andrew Hussie, but I created a troll character pretty early on in my reading. They're just so much fun.
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Name: Haarka Oransi

Pronunciation: HAR-ka o-RAHN-see

Screen Name: KissMyAsterion

Title: Reaper of Souls

Species: Troll

Blood Color: orange

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Age: 6.9 Alternian Sweeps / 15 Earth years

Strife Specifibi: Scythekind

Place of Birth: Alternia

Residence Until Her Sgrub Session: Alternia

Residence After Entering the Medium: The Land of Gourds and Sugar

Height: 4'6"

Weight: 137 lbs

Measurements: Haarka's fat. Not gigantic but a bit more than "chubby."

Horns: Haarka has tall, twirling horns (rather like a Markhour goat) that turn in to almost meet at their tips.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Baggy black zip-up hoodie. Baggy black jeans that are too long for her by several inches. Standard black short-sleeved t-shirt with her zodiac sign in orange. Black 2-inch platform boots (to improve her height and because they're badass).

Jewelry / Accessories: Silver "bullring" style nose ring, a nod to her lusus. Black leather choker with large silver charm in the shape of her sign attached by three matching silver beads. Leather cuffs on each arm (see reference pic for details); left with silver pyramid studs, right with two straps with silver buckles. Full finger silver claw ring on left index finger. Silver rings on right thumb and middle fingers. Black half-inch plugs in her ear lobes (if drawn with earlobes) and a silver hoop in near the tip of her right ear.

Makeup Colors / Styles: Haarka wears black lipstick (to make her naturally black lips look even darker and more defined), heavy black eye makeup (eye liner all the way around her eyes, eye shadow).

Skin Color: typical troll gray

Hair Color / Style: black with orange tips, short and messy

Eye Color: typical troll yellow

Handedness: right

General Appearance: Haarka typically has a bit of a rumpled, just-rolled-out-of-that-human-thing-called-bed look to her. Her hair is always messy. But she always makes sure to wear her jewelry as described above. Also it should be noted that she always has four top sharp teeth visible even when her mouth is closed.

Relationship with Family: Haarka is very close with her lusus, Cosh, with whom she spends most of her time. As with all trolls, she has no other "family" as such.

Key Family / Relatives: Relationship with Friends: Haarka is friends with Tavros, despite her dark humor often making him a bit uncomfortable. The other "canon" trolls she was only just becoming acquainted with, through Tavros, when the events of Hivebent started. She has other friends, of course, but Tavros is who she talks to the most; perhaps she feels something for him because they happen to share the same sign and blood color (albeit different shades)?

Key Friends: Tavros Nitram

Lusus: Haarka's lusus, Cosh, is an enormous bull who stands some eight feet tall. With huge crushing teeth, dreadlocks, an enormous ring in his nose, and a mace ball at the end of his tail, Cosh can be quite a fierce creature. On the other hand, he can be exceedingly sweet and gentle--but only with Haarka and those she deems friend.

Typing Quirk: CApItAlIzEs All vOwEls

Educational History:

Skills: Haarka loves music and can sing and play many instruments, including the keyboard, drums, guitar and bass. She is a band unto herself. She writes her own music as well.

Phobias / Fears: As with many trolls, Haarka has a fear of being culled from troll society, in her case because she is very short. She's also not a big fan of spiders despite her rather Gothic appearance and personality.

Bad Habits / Vices: Haarka is a junk food junkie. Sour, sweet, salty, candy, chips or soda, she loves it and her hive is typically littered with packages.

Quirks: Haarka has a very dark sense of humor; she's terribly amused by violence and death and jokes about them frequently, often to the discomfort of others.

Key Childhood Experiences:

Key Teenage Experiences:

Sexual Background: As with all trolls, Haarka does not take gender into consideration when it comes to relationships.

Favorites: Haarka loves music, the louder and heavier the better. Her favorite artist is Troll Alice Cooper. As previously mentioned, she also loves junk food, especially sweets. She likes piercings and tattoos and is endeavoring to make them more popular among trollkind. She has a special fascination with blood and death and has slowly been convincing friends of hers (often by annoying them to no end) of various blood colors to donate tiny vials of their blood for her collection. She's rather morbid.

Personal Goals: To become a famous musical artist like Troll Alice Cooper, her idol.

Morality / Ethics:

Style of Speech:

Other Important Details:



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