Gaffie Ask Blog: n/a

Nicknames / Aliases:

Species: anthro... dragon?


Age: 488

Place of Birth:


Height: 6'4"


Measurements: curvy

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Gaffie doesn't usually wear anything. If she has to, she might wear a bikini.

Hair Color / Style: pink, long on the right (mid upper arm), bald on left side

Eye Color: orange; right eye is normal, left eye has black iris with orange star-shaped pupil

Physical Description: Gaffie is teal with pink inner ears, neck, belly & inner thighs. She has orange freckling on her head, shoulders and hips/thighs. Between each shoulder and her neck rise short pink fins that are more decorative than functional in nature. The pads on her hands are pink; there is an orange star on each palm and an orange spiral on each finger pad. Her tail has large stripes of teal and pink; in between the large stripes are thin stripes of orange. There is a single orange horn rising up from her forehead; it is "pierced" with three blue rings. Her lower legs are furry; starting from her skin color (teal), a stripe of pink, a darker teal, another stripe of pink, and ending in an even darker teal. Her feet end in a sort of orange cloven hoof, with an additional orange claw on the back of each foot.

Handedness: right



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