Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff I get asked about that I may not have covered in About Me.

Is that really your name?

No. Meko is a nickname, based on my username, HamatoKameko (hence the url), a pseudonym I've come to be known by online.

How did you get your username?

      My username, HamatoKameko, dates back to my earlier internet days, specifically around my junior or senior year of high school (over 15 years ago, gah!!). It's my primary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character and the persona I initially used when I joined my first Ninja Turtles message board, The Technodrome. Even when I grew up a bit and stopped the incessant role-playing-outside-of-a-roleplay-game, I kept the name, eventually registering other accounts under it. I found myself using it (almost) everywhere, and became known by the name.
      These days, I've more or less dropped everything but "Meko," the nickname my friends have come to call me, but you try registering just "Meko" on pretty much any site ever. Thus, I still register stuff under the name "HamatoKameko."

Why is your DeviantArt a different name?

      Because when I signed up for DeviantArt, I didn't think I was actually going to use it. I was in a big Sonic phase at the time and made the account mostly to be able to favorite stuff I liked. So, not thinking, I used the name of one of my Sonic fancharacters, which also happens to be the name I use in the Sonic community, "Ink the Echidna" (hush, we all have phases we wish we could have been more subtle about). This was back in the day when DeviantArt swore up and down that we'd never, ever be able to change our names. At one point, while having trouble with some trolls, I registered "HamatoKameko" just to protect my control over it, but I wasn't up to the hassle of moving all my work over. Then, a few years later, we were suddenly allowed to change our names, as long as they weren't already taken. Of course, "HamatoKameko" was already taken, so... Yeah. Here we are.

Are you Japanese?

      Nope, I'm about as white as they get. My character, Kameko, is Japanese, though, hence the name.

Are you a weeaboo?

      Haha, no. I appreciate Japan, to be sure; it has an amazingly rich history and some pretty wild and wacky pop culture. I do enjoy anime, love Japanese food, and would kill to dress at least once like a Harajuku regular (it looks like fun!). But I don't obsess, love food and entertainment from many other cultures, and mostly wear t-shirts and jeans . And my actual obsessions are all from Western sources. ;)

What are the awareness ribbons on the bottom of each page for?

      The awareness ribbons on the bottom of each page refer to things myself, friends and family have been through. The darker green and dark blue are for gallbladder/bile duct cancer and colorectal cancer respectively, which my dearest friend, Cynthia, passed away from in May 2016. The gray ribbon with a red droplet is for diabetes, complications of which took a good friend of mine some years ago. The pink ribbon is for multiple friends' breast cancer. The fiery one with the flame in the middle (hard to tell at this size I know) is for CRPD/RSD, a severe form of nerve damage and chronic pain a good friend lives with. The red is for my father's heart disease. The green ribbon is for mental illness, something myself and many of those I love have had to deal with. The purple ribbon is for domestic violence. The dark purple is for the Alzheimer's of my great grandfather and great aunt. The teal is for my brother's Grave's Disease. The blue is for child abuse.

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