Eli The Hedgehog

Eli The Hedgehog Nicknames / Aliases:

Species: hedgehog

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Mobotropolis, Planet Mobius

Residence: Robotropolis, Planet Mobius

Height: 2'7"

Weight: 56 lbs

Measurements: Eli is short and obese.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Black suede shoes, gray socks, white gloves with black suede bracelet-like cuffs, rimless glasses with rectangular lenses.

Fur Color / Markings: Light brown fur and quills, peach muzzle and belly, gray "skunk stripe" running the top length of his quills.

Eye Color: gray

Handedness: right

General Appearance: Eli keeps his appearance tidy and sharp, his clothes always clean and his head quills slicked together in one enormous "spike."

Key Family / Relatives: Relationship with Family: Eli was once in love with his wife, but for unknown reasons as he grew into his twenties he lost interest in her, instead becoming verbally and sometimes physically abusive toward her. He did not shed a tear when Mora was robotocized. He was never truly attached to his daughter and would harm her at Robotnik's command without a second thought.

Relationship with Friends: Eli's friends were killed or robotocized when Robotnik took over Mobius. While Robotnik and Snively are allies, he does not consider them friends.

Key Enemies: Everyone, save Robotnik and Snively.

Educational History:

Work History:


Phobias / Fears: He fears death and robotocization, so much so that he betrayed his entire planet to save his own skin.

Bad Habits / Vices:


Key Teenage Experiences:

Key Adult Experiences:

Sexual Background: Having married his high school sweetheart, Eli has only ever had one partner, his wife, Mora.


Personal Goals: Secretly he hopes to eventually kill Robotnik and take his place as dictator of Mobius.

Morality / Ethics:

Style of Speech: Eli speaks clearly and concisely, and rather brusquely. Unless, of course, he's spying, in which case he is talented at taking on other accents and speaking styles.

Lies / Misinformation:

Other Important Details:


Theme of Mora & Eli:

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