Having lived her childhood as a human unknowing of her true past, Asteria finds herself changing during her 15th year of life--becoming a hellbull (minotaur). Soon she's running from the world she once was a part of, seeking out the few others left of her own kind--most specifically, her father. Primarily a role-play character, not yet very developed.
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Nicknames / Aliases:

Species: Hellbull (a sort of demi-demonic race that is, of course, half human, half bull, and vastly more dangerous than either)

Race: Caucasian

Age: 15

Place of Birth: Virginia


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 164lbs

Measurements: curvy, somewhat muscle-y, a "big" girl but not overweight

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Band shirts are a staple. Torn up jeans that are actually slit down the side to make it easier to accommodate her hooves when she's putting them on; the slits are then closed up with a handful of large safety pins. Often has a hoodie (usually black with a band logo of some type) either on or tied around her waist. Black belt with three rows of silver pyramid studs. No shoes (as she has big black hooves instead). Black collar with silver spikes; matching wristbands. Large silver ring of the grim reaper on her right middle finger. Several piercings in each ear (to be determined) and a silver hoop through her septum. Silver eyebrow piercing.

Hair Color / Style: Black, just past shoulder-length on the right side, shaved short on the left side

Eye Color: Yellow

Handedness: right

Primary Weapon: labrys (large, two-headed axe)

General Appearance: Clean but casual. Being a teenager, she doesn't yet have full horns but has small horn buds that itch and ache and generally drive her mad. Her fingernails are, like her hooves, naturally black. She has thick brown fur from the waist down (can be seen in the gaps in her blue jeans). PLEASE NOTE: Asteria's legs are shaped like a normal human's despite ending in hooves. They are NOT shaped like a fawn's. Educational History: Normal American public schooling up until she started to change.

Other Important Details:


Not all images in gallery are on-model (in fact, most aren't). Please, please if you're drawing Asteria or RPing with the character, reference her description before looking at the pictures! Please also note that her nosering is very important to her character!

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